Picture of Braidyn Rister

Braidyn Rylee Rister was born on February 28, 2005. He is the son of Jody Rister and Brandee Morton. He has two siblings, Bailee and Grayson. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Stegeman or Mr. Boyer, because they have taught him actual life skills.

When Braidyn was little, he wanted to be a professional fisherman. Now Braidyn plans to start his 3-year apprenticeship at Operating Engineers Local 513. His favorite staff quote was sophomore year when ridings asked him to remember a bridge measurement, which was 39 ⅛. He continued to ask me, “Rister what’s that measurement?”, and I always answered with, “It’s 39 ⅛ .” Three words he would use to describe himself are smart, outdoorsy, and hard working.

Braidyn said, “I’m excited to graduate and start my life, but I'm also a little sad because I know that after I graduate I'll never see most of the people I grew up with ever again.” His favorite high school memory is all of the FFA float trips he has attended. On the other hand his most embarrassing high school memory was during the EOC his sophomore year, Mr. Elfrink pulled him out into the hallway to yell at him and when he came back in everyone was staring at him. The person that has had the greatest influence on him was his dad, because he has taught me to be a hard worker and numerous other life skills. The thing he will miss most about high school is talking about “Trauma”, (if you know you know) with my advisory family. Braidyn’s advice to underclassmen, “Is to slow down and take it all in. Enjoy your time while you're here because before you know it you’ll be a senior getting ready to graduate.” If he could travel anywhere in the world, Braidyn would like to go to Alaska and hunt grizzly bears.

Braidyn would like to give a shoutout to Mrs. Stegeman, Mr. Boyer, Mr. Ridings, Mrs. J, Dad, Grandpa Doug, Tim Hastings, Kayla Rhodes, Triston and Iziaha Cowell, Landon Flessner, and Levi Cureton.