Picture of Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Jane Wilkinson was born on January 30, 2005. She is the daughter of Wade and Amanda Wilkinson. Sarah has 5 siblings: Brittany, Adam, Seth, Caleb, and Joshua. She is involved in Beta Club, FCA, FCCLA, STUCO, and Pep Club. Sarah is a part of varsity basketball, cross country, and track and field. As a child, she wanted to become a conservation agent, she now plans to attend College of the Ozarks to major in Physical Education and minor in coaching.

Mr. Elfrink and Mr. Layton are Sarah’s favorite teachers because they always pushed her to be better than what she thought she could be. Ms. Braswell is also one for being fun, supporting, and caring about every student, “she is always there for all of us.” In three words, hard-working, organized, encouraging is what best describes Sarah. Her favorite staff quote is a classic from Mr. Layton “your feelings mean nothing here!” If she could travel anywhere, Sarah would explore Ireland to see the old castles and beautiful scenery. Her most embarrassing memory recalled was not having a homecoming dance her sophomore year. Sarah says her favorite memory is “deciding to join the cross-country team, the team meals, and inside jokes.” Her biggest accomplishment was making it to the State Cross Country meet two years in a row.

Sarah’s advice to underclassmen is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. “Whether it be letting loose at a dance or trying a new sport, go ahead and do it. Also don’t treat others by their class. Be friendly to everyone, from the seniors all the way down to the freshman.” The thing she will miss most about high school is her cross-country team, the fun competitions, nurse staff, and the elementary office. When asked about graduating, Sarah is excited to begin her new occupation and will cherish her time she had in high school. Her greatest influences were her mom and dad. “From the ball games to all the late nights they have always been there for me.”

Sarah would like to give a shoutout to: Dad, Mom, Seth, Caleb, Joshua, Granny Helen, Coach Layton, Ms. Braswell, and the cross-country team.