Picture of Mallory Maddox

Mallory Marie Maddox was born December 30, 2004. She is the daughter of Thomas and Claudette Cureton. She has two siblings, Maddy and Kolby. She is involved in cheerleading and pep club. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Stegeman, “She is always listening to my life problems and gives me the best advice, she is also the best advisory mom.” Mallory’s favorite staff quote is from Mr. Ridings who is always telling her “I’m a go getter.” Three words Mallory would use to describe herself are quiet, self-observed, and nice. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would choose New York to see all the Christmas lights and go shopping.

Mallory’s favorite high school memory is playing “toss the pig” every Friday in advisory. Her most embarrassing memory was her junior year at a pep rally, “Mrs. Gaines made the cheerleaders play basketball and I didn’t make one shot.” When Mallory was younger, she wanted to be a doctor. After high school she will either go to Mineral Area College or SEMO to get her Occupational Therapy Degree.

Her advice to her underclassmen, “Try all the clubs and sports you want so you know what you like.” When asked her thoughts about graduating she said she is excited to start a new chapter in her life. Something she will miss about high school is seeing all her teachers and her junior friends. The people who have had the greatest impact on her life are her grandparents, “they always have my back and always believe in me.” Mallory believes her biggest accomplishment so far is learning how to choose friends wisely, “it can affect everything you do and how you do it.”

Mallory would like to give her shoutout to, “Maddy Maddox, Kolby Maddox, Madelyn Allen, and Mrs. Stegeman.”