Picture of Anna Jordan

Anna Renee Jordan was born on November 8, 2004. She is the daughter of Edward and Susan Jordan. Anna has two siblings, Noah and Sarah Jordan. Anna’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Stegeman because she has always been there for her through the hard times. Her favorite staff quote that has stuck with her throughout high school is when Mr. Randecker referenced the art trip bus as the “freedom bus”.

Three words that describe Anna are mellow, compassionate, and unique. If she could travel anywhere in the world Anna would travel to the Mediterranean because, “I would want to see the ancient structures and places where great wars in ancient times took place.” Her favorite high school memory is the Ecology trip to Castor River Shut Ins, she said it was very beautiful and fun. While her most embarrassing high school memory was, “freshman year, I accidentally said a cuss word in the hall, and a teacher heard me, and had me do push-ups in front of everyone in the middle of the hall.”

When Anna was a child, she wanted to be an artist, she now plans to go to CTC and take Horticulture classes. Her advice to underclassmen is to make sure to turn in your homework on time. When asked how she felt about graduating she said, “I feel excited and ready.” Anna will miss her advisory family the most out of high school. Her biggest accomplishment so far was trying out for All District Choir junior year.