Picture of JaLeigh Lindsay

Jaleigh Hope Lindsay was born on July 12, 2005. She is the daughter of Jacob Lindsay and Jessica Houston. She has five siblings, Addison, Evan, Conner, Aubree, and Chase. When asked to describe herself in three words, Jaleigh says she is energetic, excitable, and independent. Her biggest accomplishment so far is that she has accommodated enough credits to qualify for early graduation and be able to participate in the work program.

When she was a child, she always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Jaleigh’s advice to underclassmen is to not stress yourself out, but still give it your all. When asked how she feels about graduating, she states that she feels excited, scared, happy, sad, and anxious all at the same time. She will miss seeing and laughing with her friends the most after graduation. Jaleigh’s favorite staff quote is “Fake it til you make it”, which was said to her by her band teacher. Her favorite school memory is the time she went to Cape and got balloons with Kayla and Madison to suck the helium out and talk with funny voices. Her most embarrassing high school memory is coming to school with half her eyebrow, as someone bumped into her while she was waxing them.

Jaleigh’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Stegeman as she has always been helpful to her whether it was listening to her rant or helping her job search. When asked who her greatest influences are, Jaleigh says this “I have so many but my top three are my dad, Jacob Lindsay, who has always been there to make me laugh when I was stressed and just always showed me I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it. My older sister, Addison, is always there to help me with whatever I need and with a smile. And My great grandma, Roxie Lindsay, as she taught me that I can do anything and help anyone with a little patience”. She would like to give a shoutout to her mom Jessica Houston, her dad Jacob Lindsay, her sister Addison, and Mrs. Stegeman.