Picture of Deven Moyers

Deven Marshall Moyers was born on April 5, 2004. He is the son of Dawn Moyers and Gil Moyers. He has one sibling, Tyson. Deven is involved in Beta, FFA, Pep Club, and is a member of the Varsity Basketball team. His favorite teachers are Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Boyer. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is In-N-Out Burger.

When Deven was a child, he wanted to grow up to become a Marine Sniper, he now plans to continue his job at HoseMate, working with his Dad.  When asked about his feelings about graduating, Deven said he can not wait to get out and start working, but he will miss his best friends, playing basketball and Mrs. Johnson. Deven’s favorite high school memories are the ones he makes every day in 4th hour with Bennet Allen. His most embarrassing memory is getting in trouble on the beta bus his senior year.

The person who has had the greatest influence in his life is Mr. Boyer. Deven stated, “he always understands everything and is in a good mood 24/7.” The advice Deven gives to the underclassmen is, “Work hard and enjoy it. Don't blink, you'll miss it.”

He would like to give a shoutout to Tyson, Damon, Jo, Gil Moyers, Bobbi Jo, Josh Hunter, Christopher Nishijima, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Boyer.