Emilee Rouggly Senior Picture

Emilee Grace Rouggly was born October 3, 2003. She is the daughter of Mary and Rodney Rouggly. She has two siblings, Wyatt and Faith. Emilee is involved in Beta, FFA, Cross Country, and Track. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Ridings and Mr. Boyer. Blue is her favorite color and chicken quesadillas are her favorite food.

When Emilee was younger, she wanted to be a farmer just like her Mawmaw and Pawpaw. She is still debating on what she wants to do after high school. Her favorite high school memory was going on a float trip with Mr. Ridings and the SAE kids to the 11-point river..” She remembers her most embarrassing memory, “I was walking out of the bathroom one day and didn't realize I had toilet paper on the bottom of my shoes until I had already walked to the end of the hallway and then someone pointed it out. The thing she will miss most about high school is seeing her teachers, having conversations with Mr. Ridings in advisory, telling Mr. Boyer how cold her hands are, and her track and cross country team. When asked her thoughts about graduating, she says, “Honestly, I’m ready for my life out of high school to start. I’m glad I have had some good memories during high school. I will cherish them.” 

Her advice to her underclassmen, “Do not be stupid at school, don’t intentionally hurt people, do not compare yourself to other people.” Her biggest accomplishment is placing at State her freshman year. The person who has the biggest influence on her life is her Mawmaw, “She is my biggest supporter and has always been a blessing in my life. She is the hardest working person I have ever met and will always be there for anyone. She is a true gem.”

Emilee would like to shout out to, “Mom, Dad, Mawmaw, Gary Armes, Colby Miller, Ridings, Boyer, Emma Fox, Zaiden Vawter, Paige Lape, Trish, and my team.”