Picture of Bennett Allen

Bennett Allen was born July 9th, 2004. He is the son of Mike and Amber Allen. He has four siblings: Brenden, Marissa, Makayla, and Maddie Allen. He is involved in FFA and Pep Club. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Lotte Johnson, planet silver is his favorite color, and Mexican is his favorite food.

When Bennett was younger, he wanted to be a racecar driver, he now plans on going straight into the workforce. His favorite high school memories are picking flowers for Mrs. J and golfing with the boys. The thing Bennett will miss most about high school is his fourth hour class and all his friends. When asked his thoughts about graduating high school, he said he is feeling great, “I really just can’t wait to start my life.” His advice to his underclassmen, “Listen to Mrs. J, she knows what she's talking about.” Bennett says his biggest accomplishment is working for what he wants. The people who have had the greatest impact on his life are his Mom and Dad, “They have supported me through everything and they helped me get my dream truck at 16.”

Bennett would like to give his shoutout to, “Garret, Deven, Kaylie, Celesse, Cal, Damon, Josy, Nish, Tyson, Kaleb, Bobbi Jo, Mom and Dad, Mrs. J, and Gil.”