Picture of Toby Sloan

Toby Lance Sloan was born on July 3rd, 2003. He is the son of Catina and Steve Ross. Toby’s siblings include Darian, Brea, Timothy, Kayedy, George, Kash, Keyone, Braeshon, and Israel. Toby is involved in CTC, FCA, and FBLA. He also participates in Cross Country, Cheerleading, and Track and Field. His favorite teacher is Mr. Layton, royal blue is his favorite color, and his favorite food is “a nice burger.” When Toby was younger, he wanted to be an EMT or a Combat Medic, he now plans on attending MAC or an equivalent school that offers paramedic classes while getting his EMT license, as well as pursuing his Paramedics license and getting his Fire One and Two certifications.

His favorite high school memories are state trips with the cross country team. He recalls that his most embarrassing memory is when he missed every shot in a pep assembly game. When asked what he will miss most about high school, he responded “I’ll probably miss being able to see friends and fellow classmates and joking with them, as well as being a part of a group that will be very successful in the future.” 

When asked about his thoughts on graduating, he says that he is excited to start a new chapter in his life and can’t wait to start his career but will miss all the memories. His advice to underclassmen is to be open to your interests and once you find what makes you happy, pursue it. His biggest accomplishment is getting through the CTC EMT Program. The people who have had the biggest influence on him are Coach Layton and his older brother Timothy, because they pushed him to be better and encouraged him the whole way.

Toby would like to give his shoutout to Timothy, Coach Ryan Layton, Coach Toby Layton, Coach Pinkard, Coach Thrower, Mrs. Huff, Brian, Calvin, Jeff, and the Woodland Fire Department.