Picture of Jessica Warren

Jessica Nicole Warren was born on February 26, 2004. She is the daughter of Larry Warren and the sister to Aleah Grace Warren. She is involved in Choir. Jessica’s favorite color is blue and favorite food is pizza. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Toombs. When she was younger, she wanted to own and operate her own business, she now plans on moving to Perryville and joining the workforce after she graduates.

She is nervous about graduating, but mostly excited to see what her future holds. When asked what she will miss most about high school she stated, “I will miss my friends, teachers, especially Mrs. Toombs, all the school dances, and going to choir class.” Her favorite high school memory is wrapping down tables and her most embarrassing memory is breaking the sink in the bathroom. Thus far, Jessica feels like her biggest accomplishment is getting good grades. Her advice to younger classmen is always work hard to accomplish your goals. When asked who has had the greatest influence on her and why she responded, “Jesse, he has helped me stay focused on getting good grades to graduate.”

Jessica would like to shoutout Jesse, Dad, Grandma, Mrs. Toombs, Eula, Amanda, Jordan Easter, Chloe Simmons, Ms. Braswell, Ms. Jill, and her choir class.