Picture of Kaylie Long

          Kaylie Long was born on February 13th, 2004. She is the granddaughter of John and Shelia Long. She has six siblings: Jen, Jonathan, Jacob, Kelsie, Kaleb, and Elijah. Kaylie is involved in Pep Club and Track and Field. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Boyer, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Ridings. Her favorite food is chicken cheese and rice, and blue is her favorite color.

            When Kaylie was younger, she had wanted to be a teacher. When she graduates, she plans to attend Three Rivers and study social work or psychology. Her favorite high school memory is when Mr. Layton said I wouldn’t get in trouble for sliding through the courtyard and I got yelled at by my grandpa afterward. Kaylie’s most embarrassing memory is when she came to school with purple hair and when Mr. Randecker made her watch her videos in class. The things she will miss most about high school are knowing everything about everyone and being able to tell everyone what's going on at lunch. She will also miss giving everyone random life updates. Kaylie’s thoughts about graduating are that she is excited to see where she’ll go in life and is a little nervous. Her advice to underclassmen is to not be scared to get involved in clubs and sports and make as many friends as possible, and that your best friend will be the person you least expect. Kaylie’s biggest accomplishment is starting to take school more seriously and getting into college. Her biggest influence has been Mr. Layton. “He has always believed in me no matter what and has been there for me my entire high school career.”

            Kaylie would like to shoutout to: Jen, Josh, Kaleb, Kelsie, Chad & Makisha, Hailey, Mallory, Kambri and Mr. Layton.