PIcture of Kiren Lindley

Kiren Douglas Lindley is the son of Ashley and Doug Lindley. He was born on August 5, 2005. His siblings are Colden and Corbin. His favorite teachers are Mrs. Tuttleton, “she has always had a special place in my heart,” Mrs. Stegman and Mr. Boyer. Three words that describe Kiren are funny, caring, and easy going. If he could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Montana because it is something different than the ocean. Kiren’s favorite school memories are Beta trips. His most embarrassing high school memory is when “I was being goofy to Kolby; he pushed me and when I stepped back, landed on Colby Miller’s backpack, then tripped and fell and hit Mr. Layton’s desk.”

When Kiren was a child, he wanted to be an FBI agent, he now plans to become a PA, and attend Mineral Area to get his first two years of basics out of the way. Kiren is involved in Beta, Pep Club, Track, and Baseball. His advice to underclassmen is “Don’t give up too soon.” When asked how Kiren feels about graduating he says, “Nervous but ready.” The thing Kiren will miss most about high school is seeing all his teachers and friends. The person who has the greatest influence on him is his mom because she has always inspired him to push himself and become a better person. Kiren’s greatest accomplishment so far is “Not giving up when times are hard and focusing on bettering myself each and every day.”

SHOUTOUTS: Grandpa Doug, Grandma pam, Grandpa Charles, Grandma Carolyln, Dad, Mom, Brothers, Jordan, Triston, Dalton Cook, Jason, Kolby, Colby Miller, Brayden, Seth, Landon Wells, Lane Lee, Ellsie, Mr. Boyer, Mr. Ridings, Mrs. Stegman, Stacie, and Ms. Braswell.