Jason Cureton Senior Picture

Jason Thomas Cureton was born on November 24, 2005. He's involved in the Beta and FFA clubs, and he plays baseball. Jason's parents are Lacie Davis, Gregg Davis, Jason and Sasha Cureton. He has nine siblings Rylee, Tyler, Jacob, Emerson, Elliot, Blair, Syler, Amiya, and Kyson. Jason's favorite teachers are Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Braswell. Jason says, "They have treated me like their own child and even if I have a stupid idea they stand behind me with all their support and help me achieve it if it’s something I want to do." Three words Jason would use to describe himself are hardworking, dedicated, and a leader. When asked where he would travel if he could travel anywhere in the world, Jason mentioned Cancun or Mexico because "The water is clear, and it would be fun to experience different cultures or go to the mountains in the fall and see the leaves changing colors with pretty sunsets." He has some great memories from high school, like going on beta trips with his friends, but also some embarrassing ones, like dancing shirtless in the parking lot.

As a child, Jason wanted to be a diesel mechanic, but now he plans to attend trade school to become a heavy equipment operator. Jason describes his plans further stating, "My plans after trade school are to work on the road for a few years get some money put aside, and then buy some land start building a house, and slow down to start a family." Jason's advice to underclassmen is, "Live life like there is no tomorrow because you never know what’s going to happen make the memories last it’s over faster than you think." When asked about graduating, Jason said, "I’m excited because I am ready to see what adventures life has to offer and I’m ready to see what all I can achieve." Though Jason is excited for the future there are many things he will miss about high school. Jason says he will miss, "Seeing my friends daily and acting dumb with them also being able to have conversations with the teachers like they are my parents." The person who has had the greatest influence on Jason is, "My mom and dad because we all have been through challenges in life but if you put your mind to it and stick together you can get through it and they have also pushed me to do my best and they also believe I can." Jason feels that his biggest accomplishment so far has been, "Being where I am today because I've been able to work hard for what I have and I can say I did that and all my hard work has been paying off."

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