Brayden Hastings senior picture

Brayden Cooper Hastings was born on December 12, 2005. His parents are Tim and Denise Hastings. Brayden has two siblings, Karsyn and Raimee. Brayden’s favorite teacher is Mr. Boyer because he sees him as a friend who cares for his students. Three words Brayden would use to describe himself are athletic, motivated, and nice. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to the mountains with friends to camp out, grill, fish, and make memories. His favorite school memories are zoom meetings with Mrs. Randecker, his freshman year. His most embarrassing high school memory is when all the senior basketball boys dressed up as girls.

When Brayden was a child, he wanted to be a NBA player, but he now plans to attend the American welding academy to become a welder. He is in Beta club and is also a member of the basketball, baseball, and track teams. His advice to underclassmen is “no matter what you do, don’t regret it.” When asked about how he feels about graduating he said, “I’m going to be sad about it and I'm going to miss seeing everyone, but I'm ready to have my own family.” The thing he will miss most about high school is basketball and making memories with the guys. The people that have had the greatest influence on him are his parents. “They showed me how to raise a kid and have some thick skin with no filter.” Brayden feels his greatest accomplishment so far is getting 1,000 points in basketball.

SHOUTOUTS: Mom, Dad, siblings, Lilane, Miller, Maddox, Lipid, coaches, and Mr. Boyer.