Picture of Chloe Simmons

Chloe Ann Simmons was born on April 11, 2006. Chloe’s parents are Jennifer and Ike Smith and Justin Simmons. Her siblings are Kailynn, Mattie, Kade, Railey, Ellie, Zay, and Autumn. Chloe describes herself as caring, friendly, and respectful. She's involved in a few clubs like Beta, FBLA, FCCLA, and Pep Club. Her favorite teachers are Jen and Megan because they always go above and beyond to support her. Her favorite school memory was during her junior year in language class with Mrs. Balzer. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would choose the Bahamas because of its beautiful beaches and swimming pigs.

Chloe's plans after graduating high school involve attending Mineral Area for general studies, and then Southeast Health College to become an ultrasound technician. While she's excited to start her next chapter, she's also nervous about what's to come. She advises underclassmen not to take high school for granted as it goes by fast. Chloe's biggest accomplishment so far has been graduating high school and getting accepted into college. She's grateful for the influence her mom has had on her, always pushing her to do her best.

SHOUTOUTS: Mom, Ike, Dad, Siblings, Jen, and Megan