Picture of Braylynn Gale

Braylynn Mae Gale was born on July 9, 2005. She is the daughter of Josh and Barbra Gale. She has 3 siblings: Cameron, Wyatt, and Halley. Braylynn’s favorite teachers are Mr. Ridings and Mr. Boyer because they are laid back and always help with anything. Three words Braylynn would use to describe herself are funny, caring, and hardworking. If Braylynn could travel anywhere in the world, she would travel to Montana to see the mountains.

When Braylynn was young, she wanted to work with her grandpa at his plumbing business and someday take it over, but she now plans to go back to CTC to further her education in nursing and complete the LPN program. Her advice to underclassmen is to “set your mind to whatever you want to do in life and don’t let anything stop you.” When asked how she feels about graduating she said, “I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things in life so I can work towards my nursing career.” The thing Braylynn will miss most about high school is getting to see her friends. The person who has had the greatest influence on her is her grandpa, Mike, “He taught me so much in life, and that not everything comes easy, you have to work hard for the things you want most.” Braylynn feels that her greatest accomplishment so far has been getting through high school and going to CTC to get her CNA certificate.

SHOUTOUTS: Trevor, Alyssa, Dad, Mom, Lisa, Steve, Karen, and my grandpa in heaven.