Picture of Kayla McLard

Kayla Michelle McLard was born on March 15, 2006. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Zach Stovall and Wesley Langston. She has 3 siblings Ashlyn, Allison, and Lakelyn. Kayla’s favorite teachers are Mr. Boyer, Mr. Ridings, Mrs. Balzer, and Ms. Braswell because “they all make class exciting, give good advice, and they have really put a big impact on my life.” Three words that describe Kayla are selfless, hardworking, and wild. If she could travel anywhere in the world it would be to the Bahamas or anywhere, she could deep sea fish. Her favorite school memories are weenie Wednesday, FBLA trips, and senior breakfast in the parking lot when her class trapped everyone out with their cars.

When Kayla was a child, she wanted to be a soldier or a police officer, now she plans to attend the police academy once her photography career slows down but continue to do photography on the side. She is involved in FBLA, FFA, and Pep Club. Kayla's advice to underclassmen is to always be respectful, enjoy high school while it last, but most importantly, don’t let anything hold you back from following your dreams. When asked how she feels about graduating, Kayla says “I’m excited, and ready to go out on my own, but I’m going to miss my teachers and friends.” The thing Kayla will miss most about high school are the teachers and AG classes. The people who had the greatest impact on Kayla are Mary Sebastian and Chelsea Baker. Her biggest accomplishments are how far she has grown with her own business in the past few months, all the relationships she has made with her friends, and all the opportunities she has been offered.

SHOUTOUTS: Mary, Chelsea, Papa, Nickel, her parents, her siblings, Brayden, Mr. Boyer, Bras, Mr. Ridings, Mrs. Brumfield, and Mrs. Balzer