PIcture of Brea Baker

Brea Makenna Baker was born on May 11, 2006. Her parents are Laura Randen and Brandon and Chelsea Baker. Brea has 3 siblings: Landon, Essie, and Dane Baker. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Layton, because she has been the best advisory mom the past 4 years of high school, and she is always considerate and supportive. Her favorite staff quote is “No matter what place you all get, you're still first in my heart,” Mrs. Hinkle during HOCO week. Three words that would best describe her are passionate, ambitious, and studious. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would travel to Italy so she could eat so much pasta and see the beautiful architecture. Brea’s favorite school memory is when she and Korbin were the only people breaking it down on the dance floor without a care during Junior Prom. Her most embarrassing high school memory is when she walked into class on her first day of freshman year wearing a bright yellow mask that coordinated with her outfit and not a single other person was wearing a mask.

When Brea was a child, she wanted to be a doctor, she now plans to attend Saint Louis University and major in Neuroscience to work towards becoming a surgeon. Brea participates in FBLA, FCCLA, FCA, Beta Club, Pep Club, and Cardinal Pride. Brea is a member of the high school Volleyball team. Her advice to underclassmen is “Never let anyone else’s opinion of you, alter how you view and treat yourself. Be and love yourself.” When asked how she feels about graduating she said, “Excited to start a new chapter of my life and gain independence, but scared to leave my friends, family, and school staff behind.” What Brea will miss most about high school is morning coffee runs, Shawn randomly sending her and Sara to go plant flowers, hanging out with Jill in the office, and the stress and chaos of homecoming week. The people who have had the greatest influence on her life are her parents, her mom has taught her how to be an independent and strong-minded woman, her dad has taught her how to be a hard worker and have a courageous soul, and her stepmom has taught her that mistakes do not define who she is and that she can do hard things. Brea feels her biggest accomplishment in life so far is getting accepted into every college she applied to including her number one choice SLU.

SHOUTOUTS: My parents, my siblings, Korbin, the Kinder family and grandparents, Grandpa Howard, the Kooks, Sara, Mr. and Mrs. Layton, Beej, and Jillian