Picture of London Cureton

London Makae Cureton was born on November 25, 2005. She is the daughter of Ashley and Roger Vance and Bobby Cureton. London has six siblings, Faith, Jaxson, Reese, Vegas, Benjamin, and Chester. London is involved in Beta, FBLA, FCCLA, FCA, Pep Club, and Yearbook. She also participates in sports, including volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Three words London would use to describe herself are attitude, athletic, and boujee. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Italy because “Italy has a stunning coastline with crystal-clear waters and some of the most beautiful architectures, offering famous cuisines of pizza, pasta, and gelato.” London's favorite teacher is Ms. Braswell, who has inspired her to stay true to her beliefs while succeeding in life. London says, “I admire Ms. Braswell's strong work ethic and dedication to each student.” One quote from the staff that has stuck with her throughout high school is “Londy Lou, where have you been?” by Jill, Lauren, and Lotte.

London's favorite high school memory is a tie between winning the basketball district championship for the third time in a row her junior year and finally winning the Homecoming dance her senior year. On the other hand, her most embarrassing high school moments was completely scorpioning over at both home volleyball and basketball games and everyone thinking she broke her neck. When she was a child, London dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. However, after high school, she plans to attend Missouri State University in Springfield to pursue a degree in nursing and become a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Her advice to underclassmen is, “Live in the moment and make memories with the important people surrounding you because four years of high school fly by faster than you’d think.” London is excited about graduating and taking this journey of life after high school. However, she fears leaving behind all the happy memories and things she loves about high school. She will miss all her friends and having the most memorable advisories with Mr. Boyer and Ridings. London's mom has had the greatest influence on her, supporting her in every decision she has made and guiding her in the right direction when she needed it. She admires her mom for putting everyone before herself even when she has loads of work. London's biggest accomplishment so far is winning Missouri Beta Vice President.

SHOUTOUTS: Mom, dad, siblings, Aunt Laurie, Nana, Papa, Grandpa Roger, The Ridings, The Wilkinsons, The Kooks, Rebekah, Jarid, Kolby, and Beej.