Picture of Harlie Hinkle

Harlie Josephine Hinkle was born on September 8, 2005. She is the daughter of Matt and Stacie Hinkle. Harlie has two younger siblings, Skyler and Payten Hinkle. Harlie is involved in Beta, Library Club, FFA, STUCO, and is a member of the Track and Field team. Three words Harlie would use to describe herself are: fierce, intelligent, and tired. When asked where she would go if she could travel anywhere in the world, Harlie selected two locations. Harlie would visit, “Athens, Greece because I love Greek mythology and I would like to see the Parthenon. Australia because my father and I have talked about going.” Harlie’s favorite staff quote was when Mrs. Hinkle said, “You’re my babies.” Harlie’s favorite teachers are Ms. Braswell and Mr. Shrum because “Ms. Braswell does a lot for students. Mr. Shrum is fun and easy to talk to.” Harlie’s favorite high school memory was, “Freshman year playing basketball and the coach told me to stay back with the Varsity team. He said, “You're being pulled up” and without even thinking I said, “to where?” and the entire team died laughing.”

When Harlie was a child, her dream was to be a veterinarian. Now, she plans to attend Mineral Area College majoring in Biological Sciences and then attend SEMO majoring in Marine Biology. Harlie is excited and nervous about graduating but she will miss her friends and teachers when she leaves. Her advice to undergraduate students is, “Mistakes happen, don’t let them get to you. Make sure you have fun and don't stress yourself out, the years will fly by.” The people who have had the greatest impact on Harlie have been her mother and father because, “Father works hard to provide me with anything I need or want to pursue in life. I can talk to my mother no matter what is wrong.” Harlie feels her biggest accomplishment so far has been getting the highest grade on the government EOC.

SHOUTOUTS: Mom, Dad, Sisters, Patsy, Linda, Bruce, Justin, Kara, Sandy, Rocky, Zack, Lucy, Noah, Amber, Sammy T, Kiren, Uncle Dougie, Ashley, Mrs. Layton, Mr. Layton, Sarah Garner, Stegeman, Balzer, Ridings, Boyer, Shrum, Braz, Mrs. Gray, and Rhodie