Picture of Triston Cowell

Triston Wyatt Cowell was born on December 11, 2005. He is the son of Timothy and Vanessa Cowell, and Emily Cowell. Triston’s siblings are Iziaha, Destinee, Emma, Gracie, and Bentley. Triston's favorite teacher is Mr. Boyer. Three words Triston would use to describe him are “Nice, Funny, and Cool”. If Triston could travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to Colorado so he could hunt elk. Triston's favorite high school memory is “when Trevor got his driving privileges taken for doing a burnout in the parking lot.” Triston’s most embarrassing high school memory was “The first day of freshman year.”

When Triston was a child, he wanted to be a conservation agent, he now plans to attend welding school and work on the pipeline. Triston is involved in FFA. Triston's advice to underclassmen is to “Live your life and have fun because you only get to do this once.” When asked how he felt about graduating he stated that he feels good and he's ready to move on in life. When asked what he will miss about high school he said that he would miss “The parking lot before school and all my friends.” The person who has the greatest influence on Triston is his parents because they push him to do good things and are always there for him. Triston’s biggest accomplishment so far is “Just the feeling of graduation makes me feel accomplished.”

Shoutouts: Dad, Vanessa, siblings, and my boys