Picture of Howie Clifton

Howard(Howie) Joshua Thomas Clifton was born on February 6, 2006. His parents are Janet and Charles Clifton. Howie has one sibling, Kaylena Clifton. His favorite teacher is Mr. Boyer because shop is his favorite class. Three words Howie would use to describe himself are quiet, hardworking, and respectful. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to Colorado to go elk hunting. Howie’s favorite high school memory is anytime they hang out in Boyer's classroom. His most embarrassing high school memory is walking behind Cavin in the hallway.

When Howie was a child, he wanted to be a racecar driver. When asked how he feels about graduating he said, “Graduation couldn’t come soon enough.” The thing Howie will miss most about high school is being in Boyer's class. Howie feels his biggest accomplishment so far is surviving to his senior year.

SHOUTOUTS: Kaylena, mom, and dad.