Picture of Jonathon Francis

Jonathon Matthew Francis was born on October 22, 2005. Jonathan is the son of Matt and Danielle Francis and the brother of Noah Francis. Three words Jonathon would use to describe himself are hardworking, ambitious, and confident. He is involved in FFA. If Johnathon could travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to Alberta, Canada so he could see the rocky mountains and hunt. Jonathan’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Johnson because, “she is understanding and caring for her students, and she lets me go to work.” His favorite high school memory is, “When Drake wore Dalton’s pants in the locker room.” Jonathan’s most embarrassing high school memory is, “Getting sent to Mr. Kinder’s office for doing burnouts and drifting.”

When Johnathon was a child, he dreamed of being a professional race car driver. Now he plans to enter the workforce working at Buzzi Unicem USA in Cape Girardeau. Johnathon is very excited to graduate and move on from high school, though he will miss certain things. He will miss seeing his friends, making memories, and having it easy compared to later in life. Jonathan’s advice to underclassmen is, “High School goes by quickly so make it the best four years of your life and try not to get stressed about it.” The person who has had the greatest influence on Johnathon is his father because, “he has always been there for me when I needed him most, always pushes me to do better, and to succeed.”

Shoutouts: Dad, Mom, Grandparents, Landon Flessner, Layne Whitener, Howie Clifton, Mr. Boyer, Mr. Ridings, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Stegeman, Mrs. Booth