Picture of Angela Riddle

Angela Ruth Maxine Riddle was born on May 20,2005. She is the daughter of Brenda and Harvey Riddle. She has one sibling, Benjamin. Three words she would use to describe herself are kind, trustworthy, and patient. Angela is involved in band and jazz band. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Randecker, because “He keeps it real and makes an effort to understand that every student is different.”  Her favorite staff quote is from Mrs. Boyd, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest til your good is better, and your better is your best.” Her favorite high school memory was freshman year when the band made it to finals for the first time. On the other hand, her most embarrassing high school memory is when she ate a hot flavored jellybean during band and it was so hot that she was coughing and crying. When asked if she could travel anywhere, she said she would travel to Iceland because she heard there are no mosquitoes there.

Angela believes her biggest accomplishment in life so far is, “Bringing my GPA up in a short amount of time.” The person that has had the biggest impact on her is her mom, because she has taught me to be strong, sweet, well mannered, and so much more. She’s gone through so much in her life and comes back from everything stronger than ever. I aspire to be as amazing of a woman as my mom is.

 When Angela was little, she wanted to a kindergarten teacher. Now Angela plans to attend Three Rivers to study Pre-Dental Hygiene. After completing a degree at Three Rivers she plans to finish studying Dental Hygiene at St. Louis Community College and pursue a career as a registered Dental Hygienist. When asked about graduating, Angela said, “I’m excited, eager, and extremely nervous. I didn’t expect graduation to be approaching so fast.” The thing she will miss most about high school is seeing all the familiar faces every day. Angela’s advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t stress about the feelings of other people too much. You can’t fix everyone’s problems, and gossip is going to happen. Don’t let it get under your skin because the rumors people spread about you reflects jealousy on their behalf.”

Angela would like to give a shoutout to Mom, Dad, Jeff, Aunt Karen, Benny, Ely Fox, Linda and Liz Sargent, Ely’s family, Tracy Thompson, Evan Harper, Anna Jordan, Jazzilyn Fulton, and my mother in heaven: Tiffany Sue Riddle.