Picture of Aiden Brown

Aiden Zachary Brown was born on March 4, 2005. He is the son of Christine and Tony Brown. He has two siblings, Coby and Alison. Aiden’s favorite teacher is Mr. Randecker. His favorite food is both shrimp and steak. When Aiden was younger, he wanted to join the army or become a moto-vlogger on YouTube. When he graduates, he plans to join the army and attend tech school for auto collision repair.

Aiden’s favorite High School memory was junior year, on the last day of school. He recalls his most embarrassing memory, “Tripping myself up playing basketball in gym freshman year.” The thing he will miss most about High School is his friends and all of the fun times that they endured. 

When asked about his thoughts about graduating, Aiden said he is half and half with the feeling of being happy and sad. His advice to underclassmen is to not come in being big headed about yourself because you will eventually get your time to do that as an upperclassman. His biggest accomplishment is making the decision to join the United States Army. The person who has had the greatest influence on his life are his parents and grandparents. “I can't pin it down, they have all been good influences for me in all different ways.”

Aiden would like to give his shoutout “To Christine, Tony, Coby, and Alison Brown.”