Picture of Preston Hulvey

Preston Lee Hulvey was born on January 5, 2005. He is the son of Siara and Chad Hulvey. Preston has two siblings, Reagan and Elsy. He is involved in Beta, Pep Club, FCA, Basketball, and Track and Field. When Preston was growing up, he wanted to become a basketball player in the NBA. After graduation, he plans to continue his career in the workforce.

Mrs. J is Preston’s favorite teacher because “she is Mrs. J.” If Preston could travel anywhere in the world, he would visit Alaska to hunt and fish and view the scenery. Preston’s favorite high school memory is the time Jarid “smoked” Mrs. J in the head with a football. His most embarrassing moment recalled was when his basketball team lost the WIT tournament. What he will miss most about High School is hanging out in the office or Mrs. J’s room with the boys.

Mr. Kinder has had the biggest impact on Preston’s life. Preston states, “If I misbehaved, I knew he would make me run.” His biggest accomplishment so far is he is at the point of graduation.  The advice he gives to underclassmen, “Get all your classes out of the way as soon as possible, so you don't have to do anything your senior year.” When asked about graduating, Preston is ready to start his life, but will miss everyone at the same time. Preston would like to thank several important people in his life: Coach Kinder, Coach Layton, Coach Evans, and Coach Gaines.