Picture of Gracie Bowman

Gracie Diane Bowman was born on November 18, 2004. She is the daughter of Carrie and Christopher Bowman and has one sibling, Sara. When Gracie was a child, she dreamed of becoming an artist or a professional chef, now as a senior in high school, she plans on attending SEMO to further her education in computer science and secretarial work. When asked to describe herself in three words, Gracie said she is known as weird, shy, and caring.

Gracie stated that her favorite teacher is Mrs. Stegeman, as she has always been there for her and feels as if she can talk to her about anything. Her biggest accomplishment so far is getting certified in Microsoft Programs before graduation. Gracie would love to travel to Paris for the tasty food and the Eiffel Tower. Her favorite high school memory is when Evan asked Mrs. Stegeman’s alexa what its favorite natural disaster was, and it responded with an actual answer. Although, her most embarrassing memory is tripping over Drey’s foot and falling in the middle of the hallway during passing time.

Gracie is nervous about graduating and states she will miss seeing her friends every day. Her advice to underclassman is to always work hard, but not too hard to where you can’t have fun. She says her mom has always been her greatest supporter and biggest influence.

Gracie would like to give a shoutout too her Mom, Dad, Sara, Jessica, Drey, Ciara, Evan, Anna, Emmalee, Abby, Mr. Sparkman. Ms. Blattel, Mrs. Stegeman, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Gray.