Picture of Abigail Jansen

Abigail Ann Jansen was born on April 15, 2005. She is the daughter of David Jansen and Loreale Ebert (England). Abigail has four siblings, David Jr., Louis, Robert, and Eli. In three words, she would describe herself as quiet, shy, and caring. If Abigail could travel anywhere, she would go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and all the other beautiful sights.

As a child Abigail wanted to be a daycare worker. She now plans to attend college and go into childcare. Annoying Mr. Randecker playing country music during advisory was Abigail's favorite high school memory. She will miss her friends and teachers the most. Abigail’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Layton because she is fun and will be there if you need to talk.

Abigail feels both excited and nervous to graduate. Her advice to underclassmen is “try in school and big things will come your way if you want them to.” Abigail’s greatest accomplishment is her good grades. The greatest influence on Abigail’s life is her grandma because she pushes her the most in life.

Abigail would like to give a shoutout to her parents and grandparents, Mrs. Layton, Mr. Randecker, Hailey Jansen, Emmalee Bryant, Gracie Bowman, and Graci Roberts.